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February 18, 2010


what the hell is that?homophobia?shiiitttt!!

the truth is=

.Homophobia describes hostility or feAR OF GAY(LESBIAN,BISEXUAL INTERSEX,AND TRANSGENDER ARE ALSO INCLUDED)people and homosexuality.for example someone might called HOMOPHOBIC if they dislike gay people;or if someone is violent towards a gay person they could also described as HOMOPHOBIC.homophobia comes in many forms;malicious gossip,name calling,intimidating looks,internet bullying,vandalism and theft of property'discrimination at work ,isolation and rejection,death threaths or even sexual assault.



these bands which are mentioned above have all exhibited homophobic behavior/acts towards others.they have used homophobic slurs in their gigs,have made homophobic remarks and also have been hostile towards people who are gay lesbians and bisexuals.these behaviors are not acceptable at all especially when we know that the 'scene' is suppose to be a safe space fo all regardless of their sexual orientation and beliefs.just like how we do not tolerate sexism,racism,fascism and other form of discriminatory and hostile behavior ,we should also be awera that there are people who around us who are gay and choose to be that should be respected.AND DO NOT DISCRIMINATE!therefore,these band and many more homophobic bands which are yet to be discovered should not be permitted to play in any venues as that would be condoning homophobia.and also.they should not be used in any promotional crap,fund raisings or featured in a movie,as also condoning homophobia.

*this my opinion.*